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Venus Recipe The White Drink

Venus Recipe The White Drink 300mL (30mL x 10 bottles)

Venus Recipe The White Drink 300mL (30mL x 10 bottles)

Beauty Drink (Foods with functional claims)

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The White Drink contains carefully selected support raw materials and APPLE PHENON®*1(apple polyphenol extracted from immature green apples), receiving a lot of attention nowadays, that protect fruit itself from various stress by ultraviolet(UV) rays. Developed for persons seeking a new, beauty drink that supports health and beauty for radiant lifestyles, The White Drink is a grapefruit flavor drink provides you a casual inner beauty care routine.*1 APPLE PHENON® is the registered trademark by BGG Japan Co., Ltd.

Suggested Use

Drink one bottle a day at any of your convenience. Drinking after bath or shower time is recommended. *The product contains plant extracts, and residue from plants extract may remain at the bottom of the bottle; the residues do not affect the quality of the product. Shake the bottle well before drinking.

Major ingredients

Apple extract, Coix seed extract, Yeast extract, Rice / soybean extract natto fungus fermented product, Pomegranate fruit extract, Acerola powder

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