[Easy to use anytime! For first-time eye care, we recommend using a highly adhesive moisturizing sheet that contains abundant beauty ingredients]

As we get older, we start to notice dullness due to dryness. Are you worried about how to take care of the signs of aging that appear around your eyes and mouth? What I would like to suggest is thorough moisturizing care for the parts you are concerned about. Axisia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Plus is an easy way to moisturize areas that dry out with age and tend to show signs of aging . Rich in beauty ingredients, this is a reliable item for your first eye care or oral care routine .

"Essence Sheet Plus"

Recommended for the following people.

-Concerned about dryness under the eyes and around the corners of the eyes

・Looking for easy-to-adopt eye care methods

・I am also concerned about point care other than the eye area.

When I tried it out, it was bigger than I imagined! I was able to thoroughly cover the areas I was concerned about, and the thick beauty serum left my under-eye areas, where dryness is a concern, plump and plump . The sheet does not shift, so it is perfect for cleaning while doing housework or working on the computer . With its subtle, gentle scent and comfortable sheet, it's also effective for relaxing between work.


The eye area is a part that greatly influences the overall impression of the face.

That's why we use eye makeup such as eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and tear bags to enhance the impression of our eyes. However, wearing makeup every day puts a strain on your skin, such as friction damage . The skin around the eyes is thinner and more prone to dryness than other parts of the body, so moisturizing care is essential.

Furthermore, as we age, signs of aging such as dullness due to dryness around the eyes and mouth increase. In order to maintain a youthful appearance with fewer problems, it is important to incorporate point care from an early stage and prepare your skin to be less prone to problems.


\Easy to start eye care/

The appeal of “Essence Sheet Plus” is

① Beauty serum containing firming, moisturizing, and skin conditioning ingredients
② Easily and thoroughly moisturize areas of concern
③ Made of a material that is gentle on the skin, it adheres tightly to the skin.

Give your eyes a fresh and bright look with a serum containing firming, moisturizing, and skin conditioning ingredients.

The container containing the sheet contains approximately 4 bottles of thick textured serum. By applying the sheet around your eyes and mouth, the beauty ingredients will absorb into your skin, making it moist and soft.

The beauty ingredients include Bacillus ferments as an ingredient that gives firmness. Bacillus ferment is a fermented bacterial extract obtained from extremophiles living in halophyte plants on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Just leave the sheet on for 10 minutes and your skin will look plump, and with continued use, you'll feel like you're using less concealer.

It also contains cornflower flower extract, which has a bright blue color that matches the blue image on the package, to condition your skin. It cleanses the eyes and mouth area when you wake up and after working hard all day at your desk, and the moisture gives you a sense of clarity.

In addition, highly moisturizing ingredients such as peptide (acetyl hexapeptide-1) *2 and hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid) *3 , eyebright extract *3 , chamomile flower extract *4 , and rosemary extract *5 With plant-derived ingredients such as, it leads to smooth and firm skin. The thick serum remains on the sheet even after you take it off, so you can use it on your neck and back of your hands.


*1Based on Axisia Beauty Eyes Routine Care Essence Premium ( 15mL )

*2 Firmness component

*3 Moisturizing ingredients

*4 Skin conditioning ingredients

*5 Firmness component


②Easy to use and can easily and thoroughly moisturize the parts you care about!

 To use, simply apply a sheet moistened with serum to your clean skin after washing your face or applying lotion to the area under your eyes and mouth, and wait for about 10 minutes. It is a sheet that can moisturize a wide area from under the eyes to the outer corners of the eyes , and when I tried it on, it was larger than I expected, and was the perfect size to properly care for the upper cheeks and temples. It can thoroughly cover the lips, nasolabial folds, around the corners of the mouth, and up to the chin line, and thoroughly care for areas where you are concerned about dryness . After removing the sheet, lock in moisture into your skin with your usual emulsion or cream. After removing the sheet, the eyes and mouth area will be supple and fresh, and will continue to have a highly moisturizing effect.


It's easy to use on only the parts you care about, so you can use it not only for morning and night skin care, but also when you want to refresh your eyes that have been overworked while working on the computer, or when you feel dry or lack firmness, or when you look in the mirror and use it around your mouth. It can be used at various times, such as when you are concerned about dryness and dullness. Since the sheet fits tightly, it is perfect for "beauty care" while doing other tasks such as housework or brushing your teeth .

When you moisturize your skin to make it bright and clear, you'll feel better and be more motivated to do your work or housework. I was also healed by the slightly soft scent . If you want to touch up your makeup before going out at night, this is the place! It is also recommended when.


③Soft sheet that feels good on the skin and sticks tightly to the skin for a comfortable feeling

The sheet is made of 100% cotton linter, the delicate downy hair that wraps cotton seeds, and is gentle and comfortable against the skin, which is a favorite feature of the Essence Sheet Premium Plus. Since the fibers are long and soft, it gently wraps around the delicate skin around the eyes. The sheet, which has excellent liquid-retention ability, is moisturized with serum, and it kept me comfortably hydrated both while I was wearing it and after I took it off. Even if you have uneven eyes, it adheres so tightly that you forget you're even wearing it and moisturizes the area around your eyes.


It makes me feel good! Luxurious packaging packed with ease of use

The grayish blue packaging gives off a sophisticated sparkle, and just having it on your makeup table or bathroom will lift your mood. Every time you open the luxurious container, you'll look forward to cleaning it.

The inner lid, tweezers, and film that protects the sheet have specifications common to the Essence Sheet series. The light blue tweezers are non-slip and easy to use , and the tapered tips are perfect for picking out thin sheets one by one . The transparent film has an effective shape that allows the serum to penetrate to the edges of the sheet , and you can feel the attention to detail throughout.



\Easy to use anytime! /

High-adhesion moisturizing sheet recommended for first-time eye care

If you feel the need for eye care but don't know what to use, such as eye serum or eye cream, or when to start using it, we recommend choosing items that are easy to use first. is.

Axisia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Plus is an item that has a highly adhesive sheet that allows you to easily charge moisture around your eyes and mouth. It covers a wide range of areas and leaves your skin fresh and firm with its rich beauty ingredients.

If you are starting to notice the signs of aging or want to incorporate eye care, please pick it up and give it a try. Spend some relaxing eye care time on the soft and comfortable sheets.

2023 September

Text / Cosmetic concierge, cosmetic writer Kana

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