[ 10 minutes of eye care every day . Highly moisturizing serum sheet that can complete all-around care around the eyes with just one sheet]

The eye area tends to be overworked by smartphones and computers, and as we age, skin problems increase, but it is also a part of the body that is difficult to care for. Even if you take care of your under-eyes and outer corners with eye serums and eye creams, many people may not have been able to take care of your eyelids, inner corners of your eyes, and the triangular zone of your cheeks.

Axisia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium Plus is a revolutionary item that takes care of your eyes in one place . A sheet containing rich beauty ingredients gently conditions all areas around the eyes, leading to firmer, firmer eyes. If you apply it before your makeup in the morning, your makeup will adhere better afterwards, and you can spend the day with fresh, fresh eyes.

"Essence Sheet Premium Plus"
Recommended for the following people.

-Concerned about dullness due to dryness around the eyes

・I'm concerned about the application of makeup such as eye shadow and concealer.

・I want firmness in my eyelids and under my eyes

・I want to further evolve conventional eye care.


For those who have not been able to feel the effects of eye care in the past, it may be a good idea to expand the range of care to the triangular zone of the eyelids and cheeks. Give your eyes a youthful and bright look with Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium Plus, which contains an abundance of beauty ingredients.

The eyes are a part that greatly affects the impression of the face! Early eye care is the key

Is eye care necessary at all? Some people may think so. The skin around the eyes is thinner than any other part of the face and has low elasticity, as well as fewer sebaceous glands and sweat glands , making it prone to dryness . Additionally, the skin around the eyes moves rapidly when you blink or change your facial expressions, making it more likely to show signs of aging . Therefore, in addition to skin care for the entire face, it is also necessary to take care of the eye area with items specifically made for it .

Even if you don't have any problems yet, you may be able to delay the appearance of skin problems around your eyes by taking care of your eyes early. Start taking care now that you'll be glad you started 5 or 10 years from now.

Developed over two years/
The appeal of “Essence Sheet Premium Plus”
① Special beauty ingredients

② 360° sheet shape that takes care of all around the eyes

③ Made of high-quality material for a tight fit

① Carefully selected beauty ingredients that focus on eye concerns and needs

What you should pay attention to is the abundant beauty ingredients that are included. Contains a triple mineral complex *1 that adds firmness to areas around the eyes that are concerned about dryness and lack of elasticity. The mineral complex ingredient *1 composed of magnesium, copper, and zinc leaves the eyes soft and fluffy , making it perfect for skin care to start your day .

In addition, the natural oil extracted from 5 types of plants*2 is rich in vitamin K and can be expected to have the effect of firming and tightening the skin . The sheets are moisturized with serum while you put them on, and when you take them off, they're soft and moisturizing, leaving your eyes feeling refreshed. It adds brightness and freshness to the eye area, which has been dull due to dryness , so you can apply your makeup with a radiant feeling.

*1Mg aspartate , copper gluconate, zinc gluconate

*2 Firming and firming ingredients: avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, caninabara fruit oil, sunflower seed oil, nut gum

② Amazing premium shape! Take care of all the areas around your eyes with the 360 ° eye sheet

The unique feature is the 360 ° eye sheet that can care for the entire eye area . Just by applying the original shaped sheet, you can take care of all areas including the under eyes, the eyelids, the inner corners of the eyes, the triangular zone of the cheeks, and the outer corners of the eyes.

The great thing about this product is that it can deliver serum to a wide range of areas, including the eyelids that tend to swell when you wake up and the triangular zone where pores are a concern . Even the inner corners of the eyes, which tend to float with full-face sheet masks, are easily adhered to , leading to fresh and bright eyes.

The sheets filled with serum were very comfortable and helped me feel refreshed and drowsy in the morning. Just stick it on, so it's easy to use even during busy mornings .

③ Made of 100 % high-quality cotton linter , it adheres tightly to the eye area where there is a lot of movement.

It adheres tightly to the uneven areas of the face, such as around the eyes, and does not slip even when you move around doing housework, brushing your teeth, etc. The secret lies in high-performance materials and a rich variety of serums.

The sheet is made of 100 % cotton linter , which is the fine downy hair that wraps cotton seeds, and is soft and comfortable to wear. It has long fibers and is made without the use of adhesives, making it easy to use on the delicate skin around the eyes. It has just the right amount of elasticity and stretches softly when you pull it, so you can apply it tightly to fit the shape of your eyes.

The fact that it is fully soaked with serum is another key to achieving high adhesion. Contains approximately 6 bottles * of beauty serum, and the 0.3mm ultra-thin sheet continues to retain moisture even after 10 minutes of eye care . By locking in plenty of serum in cotton linter, which has a high water-holding capacity, it moisturizes the skin 360 degrees around the eyes. When you remove the sheet, rich moisturizing ingredients will leave your eyes with a firm and glossy finish .

* Based on Axisia Beauty Eyes Routine Care Essence Premium (15ml)

\Beauty in the morning! /
Elegant skin care time with gorgeous packaging that will make you feel better every time you use it.

We recommend incorporating Essence Sheet Premium Plus into your morning skin care routine . By intensively moisturizing the area around your eyes when you wake up, you'll not only feel refreshed, but your makeup will also adhere better afterwards, allowing you to spend the day with fresh, fresh-looking eyes.

To use, simply apply the sheet around your eyes after washing your face with lotion and wait 10 minutes. Another great feature is that you can use it while doing housework or having breakfast while the sheet is on. After removing the sheet, use a serum or cream to lock in moisture. There is still some serum left on the sheet after you remove it, so you can spread it on the back of your hands, neck, arms, etc.

The elegant pink gold container is designed with hygiene and sheet drying measures in mind. When you open the lid, there are tweezers on the inner lid that allow you to take out the sheets one by one without touching them directly . A transparent film is also set under the inner lid to prevent the serum from drying out, so even if the sheet is running low, the serum remains tightly sealed inside the sheet . Every time you use it, you can aim for firmer eyes with a sheet full of serum.

10 minutes of eye care every morning and night . For bright and youthful-looking eyes

Even if you carefully take care of your skin every day, you may find yourself worrying about signs of aging and dryness around your eyes as you get older, things that don't go well even if you cover them with makeup, or not being able to find a good way to take care of your skin. Eye care is endless.

Axisia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium Plus was developed over a period of two years for people who suffer from these problems. Full-fledged esthetician-grade eye care that covers a wide range of areas, including the inner corners of the eyes, eyelids, and the triangular zone of the cheeks . Before you put on your makeup in the morning, as a reward for all the hard work you put into your eyes at night, incorporate 10 minutes of eye care into your daily routine to create bright, healthy-looking eyes that look just like you've just returned from the salon.

2023 September

Text / Cosmetic concierge, cosmetic writer Kana

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