Notice of Revision of Membership Terms (Revision date June 30, 2022)

Thank you for your continued patronage of our products.
We will revise the membership agreement from June 30, 2022 (Thursday).

【Revision Date】
It will be applied from Thursday, June 30, 2022.

【Major changes】
Membership terms
  • From June 30, 2022, we will revise the payment method when purchasing products at the "AXXZIA Official Shop". (Chapter 1, Article 1, Item 10, Chapter 4, Article 15, Item 1, 4, 7, Article 15-2-1, 3)
  • Click here for the old and new comparison table. " PDF "
[Full text of revised terms]
■ AXXZIA Official Shop and AXXZIA Salon EC Official Shop Terms of Use

We will continue to work hard to further improve our services, so we appreciate your understanding.
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