Axisia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Series Cumulative sales exceed 5 million units*1

360° Sheet Contains about 6 beauty serums to improve the impression around the eyes year by year ※2 Eye care for all skin types Axisia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium Plus Eye Sheet Mask 60 pieces ※1 Cumulative sales: 5,447,954 units 2016 Launch from October 2023 to end of June 2023 (according to our research) Essence Sheet and Essence Sheet Premium *2 Based on Axisia Beauty Eyes Routine Care Essence Premium (15mL)

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Do your eyes look tired lately?

・The elasticity around the eyes has disappeared ・The makeup has become less sticky<!--nl--> ・The eyes have started to look darker* * Dullness due to dryness

The skin around the eyes is very delicate

The skin around the eyes is about 1/3 of the cheek area and is extremely thin, making it susceptible to damage caused by aging.Additionally, we blink about 20,000 times a day!

that's why

A thorough approach to the entire eye area with one sheet Increased amount of beauty serum Contains new firming and tightening ingredients Equivalent to approximately 6 bottles of serum* Renewal Axisia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium Plus

360° eye care that completely wraps around the eyes Eyelids Triangular zone of cheeks Corners of eyes Under eyes *Based on Axisia Beauty Eyes Routine Care Essence Premium (15mL)

Also used in beauty salons. Selected and loved by professionals. Reliable high quality. 1,134 salons that use it. *As of the end of June 2023, all Axisia products are available. Cumulative number of stores carrying them.

Unique eye sheet mask that wraps around in all directions with one sheet.Adheres firmly to the unevenness around the eyes.Thickness: 0.3mm.

It wraps around the eyes 360°, adjusting to the unevenness and adhering to the skin without any gaps, delivering beauty ingredients to the skin while preserving them. *Up to the stratum corneum

Extraordinarily soft and moist cotton linter Uses delicate downy hair that wraps cotton seeds. It is soft and comfortable to use against your skin. The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, which is why we carefully select soft materials.

Unique combination of beauty ingredients necessary for age-related concerns around the eyes

Triple mineral complex *1 Vitamin K complex *2 Adjusts the texture of the eye area Gives firmness and shine to the eye area *1 Firming ingredients: zinc gluconate, Mg aspartate, copper gluconate *2 Firming and tightening ingredients: avocado oil , apricot kernel oil, caninabara fruit oil, sunflower seed oil, nut gum

6 types of botanical ingredients give you a brighter look on your skin. Firming and glossy ingredients. Moisturizing ingredients. *3 Firming ingredients: Rosemary leaf extract. Skin conditioning ingredients: Eyebright extract/chamomile flower extract/ Centella asiatica extract. Shiny ingredients: Hawthorn extract. Moisturizing ingredients: Honeysuckle. flower extract

Axisia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Series Cumulative sales exceeded 5 million units *Cumulative sales: 5,447,954 units Released from October 2016 to the end of June 2023 (according to our research) Essence Sheet and Essence Sheet Premium

Featured in many magazines


It was also introduced in the November issue of VoCE 2023! Recommended by George: A quick beauty treatment before makeup! Eye sheet masks make your makeup go on better

The use of eye sheets is becoming popular among hair and makeup artists and models! Frictionless and comfortable “care” for dry and dull skin

We hear many happy voices from people who are worried about their eye area!



*These are personal impressions, and the feeling of use may vary from person to person. *This post is for a product before renewal.

How to use: Basically, once a day in the morning or evening.If you want intensive care, we recommend twice a day, in the morning and evening.

STEP1 After washing your face and preparing your skin with lotion, take out the skin one by one using the included tweezers.

STEP2 Fit it around your eyes and press lightly to make it fit.

STEP 3 After 10 to 15 minutes, remove the sheet, blend in the remaining serum, and finish with cream.

And since it adheres tightly and moisturizes, it can be used while “while”

While doing housework and childcare, while watching TV, while stretching, in between body care sessions, while working remotely.

Feeling bouncy and comfortable

Manufactured at a partner factory in Japan with thorough quality control and advanced equipment. Color-free, paraben-free, high quality, made in Japan

Only once per person! !

Thoroughly moisturize your hard-working eyes with easy daily care.A trial set that is only available now Axisia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium Plus Trial 5 doses Try it at 396 yen per time Special trial price 3,960 yen (tax included) 50 %OFF 1,980 yen (tax included)

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Q1 How often should I use it?

A Basically, please use once a day. If you feel strongly dry or want intensive care, we recommend care twice a day, in the morning and at night. Please use according to your skin condition.

Q2 When should I use skin care?

A Please use in the following order: Lotion → Essence Sheet Premium Plus (this product) → Whole face serum or cream. After conditioning your skin with lotion, we recommend using Essence Sheet Premium Plus before cleaning your entire face.

Q3 How many minutes should I leave it on?

A Please use it for about 10-15 minutes depending on your skin condition. If your skin feels especially dry, use it for a full 15 minutes.

Q4 I have a narrow upper eyelid area, can I take proper care of it?

A It is made to fit the eyes of Asian people, so you can take good care of your upper eyelids as well. If it gets on the eyebrows, it will peel off easily, so please apply it from below the eyebrows to cover the eyelids.

\Take a look at the great value trial set/ Check out the details!
\Take a look at the great value trial set/ Check out the details!