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“Drink x Paint” W UV protection* campaign is being held!

"Venus Recipe The White Drink 300mL ( 30mL x 10 bottles) [Food with functional claims]" available at Axisia's official online shop
For orders including
"Axisia Beauty Force UV Alpha Sample Pouch (Sunscreen) 3 times"
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*"The White Drink" (Food with Function Claims) helps protect the skin from UV stimulation due to the functionality of apple-derived procyanidins.

<Period> August 1st (Tuesday) 10:00 to September 30th (Saturday) 23:59

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*This campaign is subject to change or termination without prior notice.


Axisia Beauty Force
UV Alpha sample pouch 3 doses (1g x 3 packets)

A sunscreen that protects against three types of sunlight: ultraviolet, near-infrared, and blue light. A floral bouquet scented sunscreen containing Axisia's special sunscreen ingredients and skin beautifying ingredients.

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Venus Recipe The White Drink 300mL (30mL x 10 bottles)
[Foods with functional claims]

Contains carefully selected support ingredients and the much-talked-about Apple Phenone®*, which protects the fruit from UV rays and other stimuli. A refreshing and delicious grapefruit-flavored drink that pursues a taste that is easy to maintain as a new drinking habit for a bright and shining everyday life.

*"Applephenon®" is a registered trademark of BGG Japan, a polyphenol extracted from unripe apples.

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*You can receive up to one set of "UV Alpha Sample Pouches for 3 doses" per purchase.
Please note that even if you purchase multiple units of "The White Drink" (food with functional claims) in one purchase, you will only receive one set as a gift.
*Please note that "The White Drink 450mL (30mL x 15 bottles)" is not eligible.
*This campaign may end without notice.
*The contents of this campaign are subject to change without notice.
*Applicable to purchases from this site ( Purchases at other stores are not eligible.